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We provide consulting services for mission-driven companies, manufacturing companies, affordable housing developers, governmental entities, and businesses based in low income communities.

Weave specializes in facilitating funding through the New Markets Tax Credit program (NMTC) for “triple bottom line” businesses that will create quality jobs and  provide needed products and services in low income communities. Our team also helps facilitate impact investments in affordable housing and early stage businesses. Since its founding in 2012, the company has facilitated over $280 million in investments.

Danimer Scientific

Facilitation of over $60 million in NMTC transactions at key inflection points


Colorado Housing and Finance Authority

Development of a mezzanine debt program for workforce and mixed income housing



Facilitation of $46 million in NMTC transactions at two manufacturing facilities


Clara Brown Commons

Impact Investment Consulting


RWDC Industries

Facilitating $22 million in NMTC transactions for pilot and production facilities


Goodwill Opportunity Campus

Facilitating a $12 million NMTC transaction to support construction of a community facility


Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative

Colorado Housing Accelerator Initiative (CHAI)

Fund Formation, Deployment, and Management

Abby Murray is leading Weave’s work in development and deploying innovative debt and equity investments to support affordable housing across all types of housing across the state. Weave’s work will complement existing funding sources in the state while crafting new forms of concessionary funding to accelerate the creation of housing outside of heavy government subsidy programs. Weave will support resident ownership of mobile home communities, affordable for sale condos and single family homes, workforce rental housing, and mixed income housing.